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Your One Stop Shop for all your hypnosis needs...

Here you find the most competent and most popular hypnotists, hypnosis schools, trainings, and most important, the most diverse collection of downloads for your personal needs - all in one place.
www.hypno-therapy.com is all you have to remember and you will always find back to your favourite teachers, therapists, and download sites.

Wendi Friesen
The most popular and successful hypnotist in the USA. Great variety of quality products, downloads of all kind and for all issues you may be interested in.
After all, they do not call her the Hypno-Queen for nothing...


Jerry Kein - The legend!
Founder of the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center and one of the foremost teachers worldwide. Download all kinds of hypnosis trainings, self-help MP3 files. Here you will learn the most efficient hypnotherapy tools.

Great professional training programs
Great professional training programs

Cal Banyan
The founder of the 5-Path hypnosis system and the Banyan Hypnosis Center. Great variety of products for self-help and learning hypnosis. Great variety of trainings available.

Hypnosis | Scripts Books CDs DVDs Classes More
Banyan Hypnosis Training Courses
Self hypnosis mp3s from hypnosis downloads.com

Hypnosis Downloads
The most widely known site for hypnosis downloads in the English language worldwide. More than 300 MP3 files, hypnosis scripts, and much more for you to download.

Self hypnosis mp3s from hypnosis downloads.com

Steve G. Jones
Great variety of downloads available. See for yourself.

Hypnosis Scripts
Which hypnotist is not looking for scripts? Well, here you will find tons of them for you to use privately or professionally. Enjoy.

One more alternative for you to shop for your personal self-help needs.

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